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June 29, 2010


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Timothy L. Carvalho

As a 30+ year Knight who started witha family of 3 sons, I want to say that the Family and the Church are key to our remaining in our Faith. As I talk to younger potential members, their first comment is we do not do enough spiritual events to keep the family together and strong in our faith. So I think this is good and needs to be better publicized to all our memebers.


I would like to take the initiative in our parish here in the Philippines. However, most of the people go for the idealistic, conservative method of teaching where emotions are more at the front than knowledge and understanding. Even the Parish Priest and Bishops are not taking any initiative to push the Family as the center of all these discussions. I have yet to see proponents willing to "fight" for what needs to be revealed. That's why, I am making use of the various materials I see here. I am trying to make use of what is available. Please include us in your prayers.

James Spurgin

I also attended the conference and was pleased to see this initiative backed by the strong support of our bishops. Timing is definitely of the Holy Spirit's making. For now more than ever, the Church needs to be the clear voice in promoting, preserving and protecting marriage and family life.
As the editor for the newly revised RCL Benziger Family Life program, I am pleased to help support parishes implement NPIM through resources that echo the teachings of the Church.

Rebecca the Rebel

I have found the documents of the bishops and the popes very beautiful, but they are very idealistic and not really suited for the average person living in the real world. I know our faith should have high values and standards but where do we go with them? Suggestions?


These reflections are very informative. It is good to know what the bishops are up to - so much in the past has been pablum. I sure hope you are right in your reporting and are just not hyping things.

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