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October 29, 2009


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Tim S.

Brian- I read about your cancer scare- I had one a few weeks over the summer with the threat of melanoma hanging over my head- and more distressingly over the heads of my 3 kids under the age of 10 and my wife. I just had a bit more surgery yesterday at the Mayo- nothing had reached the melanoma stage so they just keep cutting away the parts of my back that are moving toward cancer- I see it as a spiritual primer for how we need to cut away our sinful inclinations- pay close attention to our areas of moral weakness and ask for the graces of our Heavenly Surgeon to bring us back to perfect health- until which time we are called to God's Throne. In the meantime we can just continue offering up our little discomforts and fears and love our wife and kids a little more deeply every day.


Glad you had good support through all of this, Brian!

Very well described.

God speed with a speedy recovery.

Madonna G

I'll pray for you and will include your name in the Legion of Mary prayer.

Mike M

We offer up our thanks to God for his grace to you. Thank you Lord for
healing our brother, and for his testimony of praise to you!

Hang in there!


Glad to hear that it was nothing serious. Will pray for your continued

Brian C

Dave Pearson, thanks for your wise reply. We are all terminal cases; it is God who gives life.

James De

Thank you for sharing your personal story with mankind.

David Pearson

Last I checked, the death rate was still 100%. How easy it can be to lose sight of so basic a fact of life. Reminders like this one help. Thanks for your personal witness and wise reflections, Brian. A good read to start a Friday.


Great post, Brian. I'm glad you're OK. Thanks for sharing this.


Brian, thank you for this. I've been through a bit of suffering this year and it is always important to put things in perspective–to know that (1) others suffer too and (2) that we can offer everything to Christ. As our pastor frequently reminds us: There is no bad suffering, there is only wasted suffering. Thank you for making the most of yours.

Brian C

Scott, sounds like you have pulled through, with stronger faith. My 9-year-old son sometimes asks why God lets us suffer, and I say He wants to get our attention and draw us closer. Not surprisingly, he doesn't get it yet. We all need to be reminded, just about every day.

Brian...thanks for sharing.

As an almost five year survivor of malignant melanoma (the worst skin cancer possible), I know exactly how you feel. That journey and cancer diagnosis also reminded me more than ever of how my faith and belief in God would carry me through.

My parish rallied behind me, my wife and two kids at the time and it was a transforming experience. It was the ultimate reminder of how we are only at the beginning of a journey that will end, God willing, at the side of the Lord.

It's also a great reminder to wear sunscreen my Brother Knights! Even in winter on cloudy days, protect yourself!

Again, thanks for sharing and Vivat Jesus!


A good reflection on the passing nature of this life. Well done!

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