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September 03, 2009


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Leonard Wolff

Fathers who refuse to pray regularly with their family at home and at church are spiritual wimps, and they are very ignorant of the Culture of Death! Pope John Paul II coined that phrase, and it is a very accurate description of the sinfulness of modern man.

Leonard Wolff

Prayer works when all else fails! When we pray, God works! There is strength in numbers, and Weekly Family Nights can gather large numbers of people to pray together in a beautiful way in every local parish. The family that prays together stays together! Prayer or World War III? That is your choice!

Leonard Wolff

True Friends help one another to get to heaven. "Be very careful whom you choose as your friends. You become what they are." Help everyone to become HOLY with WEEKLY FRIDAY FAMILY NIGHTS IN EVERY PARISH POSSIBLE. Please visit and and

elena maria vidal

What excellent articles! I hope you do not mind if I link to them on my blog, Mr. Caulfield.


Where do you meet people in today's world? The cities are too big and impersonal, the suburbs are too separated, everyone in their own gardens, the churches are not interested in getting people together. Work is too hectic and you don't want to date a coworker. Where do you find friends never mind a spouse? Bring back the matchmakers!!

Jerome M

Keep up the good work. People are lonely because they don't want to know any one else with a different opinion.


Good Work Brian!!


I like your three blogs on loneliness -- don't get me wrong. But maybe you could take a course in 'how to end a blog topic gracefully.' I'm afraid you may go on forever.

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