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August 31, 2009


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Gregory, New York

Dorothy Day was a saint, maybe not in the usual sense, but I know Cardinal O'Connor wanted to canonize her. As Jesus said in the Gospel today a prophet is not honored in his own town.


It's very funny that you mention Dorothy Day. I think she saw so much of the loneliness of our country, especially in New York, and she responded with the solidarity of the Catholic Worker Movement, which still goes on.

Gerry K

I am reminded of the autobiography by the great Dorothy Day, called "The Long Loneliness". She begins the book with a very stirring description of sacramental confession and what it's like to bare your soul before God and your own eyes.

I can't help thinking that if more people went to Confession they would feel less lonely because they would be more forgiving of others because they are forgiven.

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