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October 06, 2010


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Father Brett

Thank you Brian. That article is very well done and timely!


Well said.... but I think the attack on masculinity is a very deep and complex issue. It truly has had a negative impact upon our society and the aftermath is startling. Taking my son out in public today means risking he'll be subjected to seeing a grown man dressed up in womens clothing, makeup and all. (Which we have seen on numerous occasions) It leaves him confused and me at a loss for words as to how to explain it to him in a manner that is Christlike. I miss seeing men behave like my grandfathers did - chivalry, respect, strong work ethic, love of family, desire to be the leader and my goodness - they dressed appropriately when going to church. Today, too many men do not understand the role that God intended for them as a man, father, husband, etc. I'm not "man bashing" as women have just as many issues of their own that need to be addressed when it comes to their gender. Ah, how off course we have become as a society.

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