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February 08, 2010


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Gary Knight

As long as chauvinism is not dead, and some of those commercials show it alive and well, then the reaction called feminism will thrive. Militant feminism is an over-reaction whose author is no friend of women or children; but noone counters militant feminism (sometimes called feminaziism) by way of silly notions that the masculine is just sweaty escapism. That's my take on mind-numbing tripe that tries to sell you a disconnected lifestyle.


Feminism is simply the right and pursuit of women to hold equal rights under the law and culture. It is, like anything else in this world, sometimes taken too far. But if we are the most advanced, prosperous, and humane country in the world (or at least purport to be), why are women still only making $0.80 to the dollar for every man in the same job? We still have further to go for equal rights; not just on the gender front but also on the ethnic/racial one. -- The whole issue with the Tim Tebow ad and everything else that followed is equal access to the debate we should be having in every home in this land with regards to issues of life, liberty, and access to the Dream that used to be the cornerstone of this country. If the Tebow ad had been one for Planned Parenthood, how would we have reacted? Everyone has the right to speak and turn the channel for 30 seconds or 3 hours. But arguing about petty things like ads when there are 50 million people without access to the great healthcare we have in this country, or 10 million children who go hungry every night, or the millions of homeless veterans, or the millions of kids being left behind in schools because of antiquated educational policies and the desire to fund unethical wars instead of investing in our schools, we show how we really have our priorities all wrong.

Tony Pizza

Brian, you're taking these ads WAY too seriously (should really turn the sound down.) You're spot on with the Tebow ad, it was almost as if the feminist movement got punk'd (but more of a soft word turning away anger.)

But Betty White a feminist symbol? Well, maybe 35 years ago as Sue Ann on "Mary Tyler Moore." But as a Golden Girl (her touchstone this generation) she was presented as not only weak but clueless, hardly a feminist icon (you were thinking the late Bea Arthur, whose Maude character chose abortion and who those footballers might have feared.)

The rest of it was long examples of the exceptions proving the rule; men enjoying their status even as women appear to ridicule it (Megan Fox for Motorola such an example, who was really the butt of that joke?) It has nothing to do with Fatherhood, or our roles as Knights or Catholics or anything else. Ideas will discredit feminism and raise loving family relationships to their rightful place. With a lone exception, 30-second sound bites on a sports telecast won't.

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