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January 30, 2010


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Stephen Swinarski

When I read the section of this story about how Tim's mother had to take antibiotics during a pregnancy and because of this was told to have an abortion I was disturbed. During my wife's 9th pregnancy she suffered with a staph infection for which she was hospitalized and received antibiotics through IV and then orally for several weeks following. This occurred while she was nearing the end of her 2nd trimester and continued on into the 3rd with treatment. Medicine has advanced to the point that their is concern regarding treatment with antibiotics during pregnancy but they can be administered safely. My wife eventually gave birth to a healthy son we named Nicholas Shepherd after completing her 6th c-section. In March of this year she will undergo her 7th c-section. Each pregnancy comes with it's own set of struggles but she has come to manage them with the help of God's grace and through the love given by family and friend's.No woman should give up the challenges and difficulties of pregnancy for some seemingly other reward but should persevere through it because she has a higher calling and her reward may not be given perfectly in this life but will surely come to it's fullness in heaven.

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