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January 14, 2010


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Tom Perez

I certainly believe Satan sends evil spirits to attempt to torment us and lead us astray. I once heard a priest on Relevant Radio talk about how frequently we hear of someone's ailment, either physical or mental, for which no cuase or diagnosis can be given. He said for many it is the case that they are being tormented by Satan's demons, and that once this is understood, the evil, and the related ailment, can be removed through prayer. He explained that whereas most relate the word "exorcism" to what is seen in movies, simple exorcism prayers can be used on a daily basis to ward evil from ourselves and others. I often say the Prayer to St. Michael when I feel myself overcome by temptation. As a personal example, for three straight nights my 3-year old woke up in the middle of the night and cried inconsolably. On the third night, after trying for more than an hour to calm her down I finally fell to me knees and prayed aloud for the evil that tormented her to leave her. I not only asked for God's help, but directly ordered Satan to leave and stated that he was not welcome in my house. So as not to scare my daughter, I said things like "Claire is a good girl and loves Jesus, you do not have power over her, leave her now, you are not welcome." Within about a minute of starting my daughter not only stopped crying but actually got out of her bed, stood next to me, and started repeating what I was saying about her being a good girl. I picked her up, put her in bed, and she soon was back asleep and did not wake up the rest of the night. My wife was a little concerned when I told her what I had done, but I told her that Satan is constantly sending his evil spirits to attack all of the faithful and not to take it as a sign of anything wrong with our daughter.

Dave Rohde

This is a very good entry; well written & well done. Thanks!

M. Liccione

I've shared this on my FB wall. Thanks.

Rick Smith

Brian, Oddly enough I was just talking to a co worker about demons last night. He was watching one of those ghost hunter shows and I was explaining to him I don't believe in ghosts but I did believe demons could imitate what ever they wanted to and use that to lead people astray. That is just my own thoughts and not based on any Church teaching. Any way nice article. Take care and God bless.

Jamie McAdams

I think it's important to not downplay the existence of demons because it helps us to better face them and combat them. They may not personify themselves as much as they do in a possessed person but I think we all face them in some form or another.

Yaholo H

Oh yeah, they're real. But you are also right, they have no power over those who have the Holy Spirit. Deception is their only weapon. Sadly, due to lack of education, deception has become an effective tool they use against us, when otherwise they would have no power at all.

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